Bridge Uplifting

EKKAF SA is a pioneer in bridges’ uplifting in Greece and Cyprus, having completed the most of these projects in Greece, with the simultaneous uplifting of 15 beams at the Velestino Bridge (National Road Athens-Thessaloniki, Velestino highway, Olympia JV Joint Venture).

First, our company has the relevant experience and knowledge to help during the elevation study with on-site check and assessment of the current situation. After that, we calculate the loads of the structure that is to be lifted and the maximum lift it can accept. Finally, we point out the points that need to be released to allow lifting as well as the points of placing the hydraulic jacks of lifting.

To prepare the uplifting, we select the most appropriate equipment based on loads and we fully release the structure that is to be lifted by services (pipes, railings, etc.) that prevent the process and remove the joints covering the gap. The gap is then cleared over the entire height of the structure, the cleaning products are removed and the lifting jack places are formed. Finally, jacks and lifting counters are placed, which make real-time measurements.

With the work started, the uplifting of the structure is made uniformly in 5 mm phases, with measurements until the desired point at which the existing bearings are removed and after the bearing surfaces are formed, the new ones are replaced, and the carrier returns to its place.