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The renowned German engineer C.W. Doering is considered the father of prestressed concrete who patented this technique at 1888 but the technological means these years did not allow widespread use.

After that, the French engineer Eugene Freyssinet had the idea of prestressed concrete technique in the early 20th century. After a lot of impressive bridge works, where he achieved, at the same time, large beam openings and material savings, he proceeded to found the Freyssinet company in 1943.

The company EKKAF was established in 1987 and is undoubtedly the pioneer of post tensioning in our country because has brought this technology with the representation of Freyssinet in Greece.

In the followed years, EKKAF became synonymous with post tensioning in Greece, participating in bridge studies, doctoral dissertations of NTUA, offering post tension protocols and other measurements and has completed exceptional difficult technical projects.

Having successfully participated in a number of Olympic projects after 2004, the need for enriching the solutions with bearings and expansion joints was identified. In this context, EKKAF came to an exclusive agreement with the Italian company AGOM for the supply of all types of bearings, seismic insulation devices and contraction joints.

The main fields of EKKAF are:

  1. The construction of all kinds of post tensioned projects, prestressed and post-tensioned beams, deck slabs, buildings, etc.
  2. The construction, supply and installation of prestressed anchors,
  3. The supply of bearings of all types and bearings for seismic insulation,
  4. The supply of expansion joints of all types
  5. The bridges uplifting to replace bearings

EKKAF has collaborated with all major construction companies in Greece and the Balkans, participating all these years in over 1000 pre-tensioning projects of all types (bridges, silos, Metro projects, sewerage works, permanent and temporary ground anchors), bearings, expansion and expansion joints bridges.