Agom International Srl

Agom International Srl is an engineering and manufacturing company, operating globally, and dedicated to the design and production of products for the infrastructure, construction and industrial markets.

AGOM was founded in Italy in 1963 as a manufacturer of metal-rubber products and elastomeric bridge bearings, and has developed and expanded its business to become one of the most important companies specialising in the design and manufacture not only of elastomeric products but also of steel devices expressly designed for bridges.

Today AGOM has become one of the leading European companies in the design and manufacture of bridge bearings (steel and elastomeric), bridge expansion joints, anti-seismic devices and shock absorbers for bridges and buildings, dock fenders, and many other engineering products for the industrial market.

EKKAF has been the sole distributor of AGOM Srl in Greece from 2007 for the supply and installation of  bridge bearings, expansion joints, seismic protection devices and all other AGOM’s products. Consequently, AGOM has become the market leader in Greece.

AGOM is ISO 9001:2008 quality certified and our products are renowned worldwide for their quality, reliability and durability.

May 5th, 2006: AGOM is the first company officially recognised and certified to produce pot bearing complying with the new European Standard EN 1337-5 and licensed to bear the CE mark.

A select team of  skilled engineers and customer support staff provide assistance every day to AGOM’s customers, helping them find the best technical and commercial solutions to their construction requirements.